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  Website Design

Website design – it is definitely not what it was ten years ago. Evolution is just one of the terms that can be applied to the exponential and revolutionary changes that have marked the face of this service. Don’t get left behind. As your customers change, you should too. Embrace the new, the fast and the best that technology has to offer. 

Getting more for less has been a trend for a long time, but never so much as now. It is not just a matter of price or quality; it is a matter of time. People all over the globe are looking for real information, available quick and easy at their fingertips. No one has tolerance for the unnecessary padding of content or info that used to go along with websites that were present up to two years before. If you haven’t changed since then, it is time you did. 

Minimalism as a trend has been visited before, but has now transcended into a definitive need. People have too much to do, too many roles to play, too many decisions to take and limited time at hand. In such a fast paced world, giving them what they need when they need it without wasting their time is the best strategy that you can employ. This is true for Corporates, eCommerce, and even for individual website owners. 

Knowing what your customer wants to see first and foremost is just the beginning. You need to succeed right at the basics, at the root because the same customer you are going after is also shared by the competitors that you are attempting to outrace. If you need your customer to take a decision to approach you, you will have to do it within the quick 5 – 20 seconds they spend on your website. It will do no good trying to wow them with a terrific collection of information or ideas if they cannot find and focus on the answer to their immediate need (aka your point of sale).

You will need professionals to assist you with crucial decisions on core messaging, positioning, imagery, and calculated simplicity to reach that successful state of web design.

Website design trends that embrace these unique customer needs are listed below. They are recent enough to find favor in the eyes of the customer and yet tested enough to be known successful: 

1.Responsive Web Design (RWD)

A greater portion of customers world-wide prefer to access websites through their mobile devices rather than a desktop or a laptop. The techno-forecast for the coming years expect mobile devices to become the number one point of web access, superseding its heavier and less portable precedent – the computer.

Responsive Web Design scales a website automatically to the screen resolution that it is being displayed on. This means that desktop and laptop users will still get their big screen browsing experience, while tablet and smartphone users are also kept happy.

2.Big and Prominent

The preference is for photo backgrounds that form full-width images. Large buttons and prominent headings are very well-received.


It is ok to have white space on your website. Not everything has to be filled with a color or a gradient. In fact, the lesser the clutter on your website, the better.

4.Vertical Scrolling

Since the most prominent and easy form of scrolling on a mobile device is from top to bottom rather than left to right, it is better to vertically organize information. Taking this one step further, both the menu bar and other social media buttons should be accessible as the customer scrolls down. This will allow them access to other pages quickly while saving on the time and effort needed to scroll back to the top.

5.Minimal Content

There was a time when a content rich website meant you know more. Not anymore. Minimalism and relevance of information presented is what catches customer attention today. Beating around the bush to increase your word count causes more harm than good.

In summary, website design and development has seen a paradigm shift in direction and expectations over the last two years. Investing in a good web presentation is just as important as developing the right skill, right product or right service.


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