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What started off as simple voice communication services a few years ago has now accelerated and grown into gigantic proportions today. Telecom giants have mushroomed all over and yet the infrastructural means to serve the broadening customer base remains relatively the same.

The constant challenge presented by the need to service an ever increasing customer base while having to depend on existing network infrastructure has brought about a revolutionary change in the services provided by the key industry players. The focus has dramatically shifted from voice services to value added services and enthralling business models. Competition is fierce. Retaining customer loyalty has become a great concern.

With an estimated 450 million mobile internet users and the promise of 1 billion by 2013, the corporate war for the greatest share in the industry is on. Prices have been slashed, new business models and attractive plans have been devised, value added services are being devised without slow down, a mesh of wireless, satellite and cable networks have been utilized for greater sustenance of the widening customer base.  Quality and quantity are benchmarks that no major player can afford to thwart.

In the midst of such a challenging environment where the race is on for the best, the new and the innovative, the presence of the right technology partner is crucial. Quartiz houses the cream of intelligence, domain experts and is built on well-tested processes to hand hold you into the future.

Our consultants are adept in solving the greatest technology bottlenecks you may face and are well-equipped with the latest technology and know-how. Their power-brains shall help drive your company towards its goals and achieve customer satisfaction for the increasingly demanding global consumer base.

We are attentive to revise, renew and enhance our technology offerings and provide you the best support in your technology ventures. Our services span over: 


Product Engineering

  • Datacom
  • Large scale distributed systems
  • Maintenance
  • Security software
  • Embedded software


Network Management

  • Wireless enabling for business users
  • Integration with packaged and standard solutions
  • Exploitation systems, vulnerability tests tools and migration
  • Embedded software
  • Software integration services
  • Middleware development for protocols and systems
  • Mobile networks and services


Advanced Technologies

  • 3G and 4G optimization
  • LTE/Wimax
  • LTE eNodeB BS
  • LTE eUTRAN interfaces
  • 4G/LTE mobile radio base
  • Performance Testing Tools:
    • LoadRunner
    • Rational Performance Tester
    • QALoad
    • SilkPerformer
    • NeoLoad
    • Oracle test suite
    • GreenHat Performance
  • Performance Monitoring Tools:
    • Wily
    • Site Scope
    • OpenView
    • BlueStripe
  • Analyzer tools
    • Wireshark
    • Agilent
    • MXA
  • Protocol Stacks (MAC, RLC, PDCP, GPT-u, IP- SEC, SNOW/3G, RoHC)
  • Linux System Programming
  • Linux Realtime Programming
  • TCL Scripting
  • Perl Scripting


Enterprise System Services

  • Software integration services
  • Distributed information systems
  • Web services integration
  • Multimedia networks and services software


Business & Operations Support System

  • Workforce automation
  • Business to consumer (b2c) and business to business (b2b) exchanges
  • Billing and mediation
  • Order and service management



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