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  Strategic e-Business Consulting

Business is changing world-wide at a rate that only the nimble and the quick can keep up with. Each season brings with it a new trend to follow, the promise of revolutionary change in technology and an increasing customer base that seeks the latest and the best. Only businesses that are tuned-in to the changing needs, expectations and desires of their customer base can thrive in such a competitive environment. Understanding a customer’s mindset to create a breathtakingly creative solution that exceeds customer expectation is where innovation really lies.

Such innovation requires excellent business acumen, sound customer knowledge, top-notch technology skills and the right people to bring it together. Strategic e-Business Consulting is all about knowing how to bring resources together to generate a spectacular business result. Sound strategy forms the backbone of this magic worker.

While there are many instances where e-Business Consulting can give a company a leading edge over its competitors, a select few are outlined through the progression of this article.

Brand Building

Trustworthy and time proven brands still have the upper hand over businesses that have come up recently. Most people have less time on their hands and are more prone to consider products or companies that have provided quality in previous instances. The best way to build up your brand value comes through careful planning and patient delivery of quality combined with steady innovation. Products or services that you provide should be developed or created from a customer standpoint rather than just a business point of view.

Part of building a brand involves maintaining consistency across all portals through which customers gain access to your products and services. This includes websites, web applications, and mobile applications.

Social Networking

Active appearance and communication on popular social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter is another way to maintain an aura of openness and approachability. Customers get a chance to rave of the good services you provide thereby acting as brand ambassadors. This can also serve to be good research ground to determine the latest trends in customer needs and wants. If you watch carefully enough, ideas for your next innovation could very possibly lie within the conversations and comments that fly between your customers.

Besides these, active participation within your social networking profile helps users develop a sense of belonging. This identification with other customers goes past being mere users of the same product or service to people belonging to a common family who rely and depend on your products and services.

Latest Technology

Taking hold of the latest trends and technologies in mobile marketing and utilizing custom apps to give customers a great shopping experience or superior service on-the-go is probably one of the best strategies you can imbibe. Always remember that while customers may trust your brand enough to use your website or apps, it is the degree to which you have been successful in understanding their mindset and adapting your solutions to their needs that determines ultimate success in building and retaining customer relationships.

This may be achieved thru direct innovation in product and services or even creative, intuitive adaptations to the website or app design, navigation, structure, graphics and features. Creating a custom, personalized feel goes a long way toward making the customer feel valued and appreciated.

Buzz Marketing

A good word-of-mouth rave of your products and services could do much more to advance product or service sales than advertising. Customers are known to make use of email, blogs, social networking sites, and chat groups as channels for these purposes.

Marketing by Need

Successful innovation not only involves improving existing products and services but also includes the development and marketing of products that meet needs that even your customers are not aware they have. It may be a common need that customers across the globe have but no one has addressed considering it to be a common inconvenience that is part of life. Real innovators locate these potential pockets and convert them into the gold mines that they can become. The use of internet based technology helps reach out to this global customer base and at the same time unify business processes and strategies.

Optimized sales channels

Customers get to your products and services through several channels, one of  them being your website or mobile app. Optimizing the app or website such that customers are able to locate them by merely running a keyword search is key to improving accessibility of your products and services.


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