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  Siebel CRM Applications

Quartiz, as a Siebel solution provider, offers the implementation of several Siebel product lines inclusive of sales, partner relationship management, business intelligence applications, enterprise marketing suite, contact center, self-service, knowledge management, price management, and CRM Technology. These systems help deliver the transactional, analytical, and engagement features required to manage all customer-facing operations within a medium to large organization.

Some of the notable advantages of implementing Siebel CRM include improved selling performance, increased lead closure rate, accelerated BI deployment time and reduce IT costs, increased organizational alignment, faster solutions when customers need them, maximized profitability thru optimized price management, and the ability to adapt quickly to business changes.

Over the years, our consultants have been successful in integrating Siebel solutions at medium to large enterprises. We offer solutions across most of the domains such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, etc.

Our consultants have the right combination of technical expertise, business knowledge, and industry exposure required to meet your goals on time and within budget. Our Siebel Professional Services team is highly adept at deploying, upgrading, optimizing, and transforming Siebel solutions to match your business, industry, and regulatory requirements. We help provide insight to the right person at the right time, leading to faster, better informed decisions.

Advantages of implementing Siebel include:


  • Speed sales cycles and improve selling performance across the organization
  • Improve sales productivity
  • Increase precision in forecasting, pipeline management and resource management
  • Improve cross-sell and upsell, reduce discounts

Partner Relationship Management:

  • Maximize channel revenue and profitability
  • Recruit, manage and retain top partners
  • Streamline and optimize channel operations

Business Intelligence Applications:

  • Accelerate BI deployment time and reduce IT costs
  • Align decision making across all parts of the organization
  • Conserve cash and improve cash flow
  • Increase customer profitability, satisfaction, and loyalty

Enterprise Marketing Suite:

  • Increase organizational alignment and control to drive process efficiencies and enable a more agile organization
  • Enable deeper customer insight and a more relevant dialog
  • Deploy differentiated, agile customer loyalty programs

Contact Center:

  • Improve agent efficiency and business process automation with task-based user interface
  • Provide proactive, real-time business intelligence at the moment of customer interaction
  • Increase speed of service delivery with comprehensive field service and mobility tools


  • Automatically respond to requests through the customer's channel of choice with eService solutions
  • Improve customer retention and drive incremental revenue by providing a superior, intuitive customer user experience
  • Support business growth with robust, scalable, and flexible architecture

Knowledge Management:

  • Faster solutions when customers need them
  • Knowledge organized for success
  • Lowered cost through elimination of redundant effort

Price Management:

  • Maximize Profitability Through Optimized Price Management
  • Eliminate Revenue Leaks with Accurate Prices from a Single Source
  • Realize Higher Margins Through Deal Management
  • Leverage Your Oracle Investment and Minimize TCO with Closed Loop Integration

CRM Technology

  • Framework to monitor performance metrics
  • Ability to adapt quickly to business changes
  • Test automation interfaces that optimize the testing platform


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