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  Re-engineering & Migration

There are times when businesses struggle with projects on account of mismanagement resulting in many hours of rework to straighten out the problem. Many organizations also suffer setbacks due to legacy software applications that have been in use for many years and are often built on obsolete, inefficient platforms that are difficult to maintain and enhance. It thus becomes necessary to upgrade the processes and the entire application within the organization.

Re-engineering and migration of projects/applications is a key strategy to make an organization more competitive and efficient. It transforms the organization and enables it to directly increase performance and productivity. Software re-engineering requires special attention because of its increasing demand in the market. Re-engineering has invariably become a way to improve company performance and to evaluate the competitor’s products.

Modern software technologies have the following advantages over the old conventional platforms:

  • User-friendly web-based applications
  • Easily adaptive to changing business requirements
  • Better reliability and maintainability
  • Easily portable to other applications

Re-engineered systems must be specific to a company’s unique business and processes.  They must address all the business requirements while remaining open to include potential requirements and tools that might be needed in the future.

At Quartiz, we understand that the process of re-engineering software applications requires a careful analysis of business systems to facilitate the smooth transfer to a new system. We follow a well-defined process flow and streamlined approach to develop new and competent software.

We utilize various techniques to perform system functionality and requirement analysis as well as a source code analysis before we proceed with a migration project. Quartiz is a value-added service partner that looks to achieve customer satisfaction rather than mere cost savings for its clients.

Our expertise in application reengineering and migration projects is backed by a number of successful international implementations. We can help you by provide the following services:

  • Analyze - Perform a feasibility study to identify re-engineering options, highlight migration options and identify the risks and costs associated with each option
  • Design - Achieve new business goals through documentation of goals that are to be met and develop strategies to implement and achieve them
  • Develop - Perform application re-engineering by analyzing the existing system functionality and identify requirements from system experts and old code analysis
  • Document – Provide end-to-end documentation to maintain the new system with ease
  • Test – Test the performance of the re-engineered system
  • Database migration – Change over to clear scalable relational models with high performance from conventional non-relational databases


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