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PeopleSoft PUM Update and Support Services of Company

Fixed Price Peoplesoft Support
  Accounting Reconciliation Issues - Inventory Value - Production Support Pattern and Count Analysis - Root Cause Identification - Configuration Deficiency - Support Ticket Reduction . . . Click to know more about how our Fixed Cost PeopleSoft Support can help you....
Peoplesoft Upgrade Services
New Functionality Review - Customization Drop Analysis - Data Purge - Workflow Enhancement - Portal Integration - Dashboard, Work Center Set Up - Retrofit Customizations - Crystal Report Conversion  . . Click to know more about how our PoepleSoft Upgrade Services can help you....
Peoplesoft Implementation Services
  Analysis of Current, Forward-looking Business Models - Logical Specifications - Efficient, streamlined Process Mapping - Financial Integration - Reengineer Processes for Best Customer Benefits - Eliminate Redundant Processes. . . Click to know more about how our PeopleSoft Implementation Services can help you....
PeopleSoft Cloud Hosting Services
  Public or Private Cloud Options - PeopleSoft Admin/ DBA - Virtual / Dedicated - Multiple Data Centers - Application Management Services – Easy Transition and Migration Services - Monthly or Yearly Payments - Backup / Log Management Services. Click here to learn more our PeopleSoft Cloud Hosting offers.

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General chemical         Energy


ICE         Philadelphia housing authority


Green Mountain Coffee         Philips


IDA         Group


Time Life         soap


Texas          Van Houtte


Pioneer Plastics          Alcone


Arbitron          Navteq maps