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  Mobile UI/UX Design

Ethereal, indispensible, distinct, precise, vivid, personal – these are probably just some of the words you would like to have your customers use when referring to your app interface. Your dream deserves a chance in this world – a well-designed, expert-guided, structured one.

Quartiz has been developing unique and eye-catching user interfaces for several years now. Understanding your requirements, the realm of your operations, the demands and preferences of your target customer base are ingrained into our thought process and are evident in the designs we produce.

We imagine, we research, we explore, we discover, we structure, we design. For us, a design is not just a design; it is the face of our client. It is the first and foremost impression created within a customer. It is the preliminary factor that decides whether your app will fly or die.

Our screen designs are wired to provide you with an understanding of how your app will look months before the actual app is built. This prototype design methodology and strategy that we employ enable you to perform market research and assess app viability at a very early stage.

This critical feature also enables you to make crucial changes to the app structure before the development starts thus eliminating the time and effort spent in re-development.

Knowing how each screen of your app will look allows you to plan ahead for add-on features to be included in the next release. In addition, marketing your app to entrepreneurs and investors becomes easier with the designs and workflow outlined.

We believe that app usage should be a fun, pleasing and interactive experience even if it is for a business purpose. We hold great value in adding to the pleasant experiences in customer lives. Our designs and structures cater heavily to this element.

Our consultants are creative achievers holding years of experience in researching, structuring, and producing exceptional designs. We employ the cream of talent in the mobile interface design industry to give your dream app phenomenal looks at birth.

In summary, working with Quartiz will enable you to:

  • Assess the play of design elements on the app within approximately a week from contract execution
  • Observe the flow of information on the app a long time before the app is developed
  • Assess usability of the app for enhancement of flexibility, fluidity and form
  • Use preliminary designs to run research on customer interest levels
  • Determine through market research the changes to be included in the app before launch
  • Evaluate the app through strategic and in-depth competitor analysis
  • Plan and structure add-on features to be included in the next release

Our solutions cover:

  • Tablets
  • E-readers
  • Netbooks
  • Smart Phones

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