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  Mobile Testing

Mobile device usage is seeing an unparalleled hike all across the globe. Studies say that this extreme growth pattern is not going to see a plateau any time soon. In fact, research states that the number of mobile users will soon overtake the number of personal computer users both at the work place and otherwise.

Such a forecast has several industry implications. The prime one being that all industries are going to be heavily dependent on mobile devices for marketing, communication, client interaction, customer servicing, internal management, the list is endless.

Mobile applications will soon be indispensable – they will be the new face of all enterprises. Customer satisfaction and client satisfaction are all going to be dependent on the quality and efficiency of your applications. It is therefore no longer possible to overlook the necessity of having a fully developed, bug free, optimally functional app.

Companies across all industries are vying for the attention of a growingly fickle customer base. It is of utmost importance that the app you release be fully tested, completely verified, and tried under every circumstance for optimal functioning. Apps may seem to function fine under hypothetical conditions, but let loose into real life scenarios, you may be faced with situations where your app is not supported on certain popular devices, or you may find that it doesn’t respond well to low bandwidth conditions.

Choose to make a quality decision for your company today. Get your apps tested and verified by Quartiz. Our professional testers are quick, efficient, seasoned, experienced, and thorough. Be assured that your app will fare well in real-life.

To know more about the different kinds of testing services we provide, sample the list below:

  • Installation
  • GUI and Usability
  • Functional & Localization
  • Compatibility
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Device Certification
  • Security
  • Load & Performance
  • Other Non Functional

The devices and operating systems that are covered in our testing services include:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone 7
  • iPad
  • Palm
  • J2me
  • Nokia

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