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  Mobile Consulting & Strategy

Giving your enterprise a face in the dynamic mobile industry may seem a daunting task. Assessment of company goals, business needs, resource capabilities, audience wants, etc. are just a few things that have to be considered while structuring a winning mobile initiative.

Quartiz consultants bear with them years of experience in the industry and are well-equipped to cater to your every mobile need. Whether you are looking for internal app development or commercial product development, we have the right brains for the task.

Our strategy involves not just a surface understanding of your requirements and assessment of the general audience scenario. Instead, we delve deeper into the understanding of your company goals, your vision, your mission, your current market position, competitor analysis, audience demographic analysis, current market trends, etc to provide you a wholesome, well-planned strategy to market your mobile vision.

Unlike our counterparts in the industry, we believe in the motto – a job well done doesn’t have to be done again. Most companies would start off on a project only to have intelligence drawn at a late stage that requires major changes to the plans and engineering of the product. We have repeatedly observed through research the pitfalls of such ‘discoveries’.

At Quartiz, we focus on through study and planning before taking up any task. But we are also time-efficient in that we only employ the best of brains that are able to locate problem areas and areas of improvement within a shorter span of time than required by a less-seasoned consultant. We do not sacrifice efficiency for quality.

Our comprehensive development and support system covers the following:

  • Intuitive Navigation Design
  • Interface planning and Design
  • Content structuring
  • App Development Strategies
  • Staff equipping and training
  • Advanced analytics
  • Marketing strategies
  • Security Policies

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