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  Mobile Application Management

The smart device boom brought with it many quickly devised strategies for the management of the transfer of information thru the devices. What first started off as a company initiative to improve efficiency thru company-owned devices soon underwent a paradigm shift when hand-held devices gained popularity. Following this, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy was enforced. This enabled employees to use devices of their choice, but it was only a partial solution. Company imposed restrictions led to encroachment into the privacy of the individual mobile device user.

Thus the latest trend was wrought where companies shifted their attention for managing an entire device to managing company related applications installed within the device alone. All company apps were considered as a collective whole stored in a virtual box. This strategy allows each company to enforce all the privacy and security controls that need be implemented for protecting enterprise data while allowing users complete control over the use of the device for personal needs. A win-win to both teams, this has helped reinforce employee morale and efficiency in performance.

Quartiz offers several intricately developed solutions for effective mobile app management within the small and medium business sector. The first being the presence of a customizable internal app store for each company where all apps pertinent to the effective functioning and communication of relevant data within the enterprise is stored. Employees shall be able to tap into the app store without assistance from IT and install all apps that are of assistance to them. In addition, the app store is also role sensitive, displaying only those apps that are appropriate and approved for usage for each user level in the enterprise.

Another element of control and support that Quartiz provides includes the ability to completely wipe out or remove sensitive data or enterprise data from employee devices once they are taken off projects or terminated. This control which is exercised remotely through the app management software that is developed will enable the enterprise to keep control over crucial and sensitive information within the system.

Some of the potential benefits through engaging with the mobile app management services of Quartiz are:

  • Complete command over enterprise mobile apps
  • Seamless integration
  • Improved efficiency and employee morale
  • Increased control over role sensitive data within the enterprise
  • Complete control over enterprise related information relayed thru the app
  • Optimization of mobile device user experience

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