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  Enterprise Resource Consulting

Your business has a unique set of automated or manual systems and workflow that work cohesively to function as one efficient unit. These systems may be interrelated or independent and yet will possess a common mode of data transfer between systems.

Through our Enterprise Resource Consulting Services, we work to integrate the systems, processes, workflow and almost all aspects of your business enterprise to its human resources using a common software platform while taking into account your organization’s overall goals.

ERP as a solution

  • Integrates all the functional units and the processes within your company
  • Increases customer service, leading to customer satisfaction
  • Performs data management and core corporate activities

Why ERP?

  • For a centralized overview of company activities
  • For faster processing of an end to end business transaction
  • For efficient management of organizations
  • For increased business agility
  • To achieve cost control and lower working capital
  • To shun geographical gaps
  • For flexible, integrated, real-time decision support

ERP with Quartiz

At Quartiz, we pay attention to your specific requirements.  We help you achieve remarkable business results through our strong PeopleSoft skills, innovative ideas and quick implementation, adopting best industry practices. With an effectively implemented ERP system in place, your business can receive sustainable and competitive growth, and gain a considerable return on investments made.

Quartiz ensures the highest levels of expertise through its well-experienced professional consultants who work together to fulfill each client's objectives in an efficient and integrated manner. We work with you to achieve desired results on time and within the budget right from the initial stages of planning and analysis through post-implementation support.

By working with Quartiz, you will

  • Implement ERPs at lower cost
  • Be less prone to be affected by hidden costs
  • Adopt best industry practices
  • Be able to merge existing applications to the selected product package
  • Conglomerate of thousands of customers’ best practices
  • Collaboration with the industry research groups
  • Collaboration with major business consulting firms  


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