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  Enterprise Data Management & Architecture

How certain are you that the data you receive is of quality? We understand how important an asset data is to your enterprise and how carefully it needs to be managed on an enterprise-wide level.

Global demand – Enterprise Data Management and Architecture

You probably find yourself having to rely on vast amounts of market data and information to make intelligent and swift decisions. Like most businesses, you may also be on the lookout for enterprise wide technology solutions that help navigate and sustain growth in the agile business environment in which you are now operating.

To become a market leader, you will need to accurately predict business trends, identify the scope for new business and provide shareholders, investors and customers with confidence in your firm’s ability to handle both opportunities and risks associated with the industry.

One key thing to note is the need to avoid duplication of functionality and fractured subsets of operational data across multiple operational systems and data stores available within the application landscape. If such issues exist, it may cause inefficiencies and overspending in many operational processes within your business.

Quartiz service differentiators - Enterprise Data Management and Architecture

Quartiz offers well-engineered enterprise architecture and enterprise data management services. We provide a structured, holistic approach in implementing applications and business processes that ensure that your initiative delivers measurable business value and efficient management of data. We understand how critical metadata management is to enterprise architecture and data management.

We ensure that customers and their business partners get accurate and appropriate data within and outside the organization. We are aware that data management effectively enables companies to make better management decisions, reduces risks in business, improves operational efficiency and ultimately enhances productivity.

Quartiz helps you meet enterprise data management goals to provide data assurance in terms of security, quality and accessibility.

Our enterprise architecture and data management offerings include:

  • Enterprise Architecture Strategy and Implementation throughout the organization on data management issues and to maintain consistent core data throughout the enterprise
  • Data Quality Management through processes to ensure accuracy and good quality data
  • Ensure Data Security to protect data and the authority to use it
  • Define Data Architecture including data modeling, data flow analysis, designing efficient storage and retrieval of data 


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