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  Pricing Models

Interested in seeing your dream project made a reality? Wondering what kind of pricing model works best for you? We understand the concerns that you may have at the onset of your project. Quartiz offers you some of the popular and widely accepted pricing models, namely: 

  • Fixed Price Model (FPM) 
  • Time and Material (T&M) model
  • Time and Material for Fixed Price Model (T&M 4 FPM)

Each model has its own advantages and is very effective within its own niche.

Quartiz’s Fixed Price Model 

Our consultants have successfully implemented a number of projects that was priced at Fixed Cost to clients. As this model can reduce both effort and time required for completion with optimum utilization of resources, this is a highly recommended for small or medium complexity projects. For this form of pricing model to be effective, it is important that:

  • The project scope and system requirements are clear and well-defined prior to the commencement of the project.
  • Based on the requirements and information obtained, Quartiz arrives at an accurate estimate of the project development effort before commencement of the project.

Most FPM projects found in the industry today do not have provision for major changes in requirement after the commencement of the project. However, at Quartiz, we understand that every business idea requires some level of fine-tuning during the process of development. Therefore, we offer you maintenance/ hour-based packages for minor to medium amendments that do not severely impact the development schedule.

Prior to commencement of the project, our technical and business analyst teams generate a project plan outlining cost estimates and timeline schedules. Thus, we ensure that your FPM projects are completed within the planned budget and estimated timeline.

Quartiz’s Time and Material Model

This model works best for projects whose project requirements and specifications evolve over time and cannot be completely arrived at the onset of the project. As the name states, the model focuses on a pre-agreed hourly rate and the optimal utilization of time and resources for the project.

Our consultants have successfully implemented several time and material projects at optimal cost and within the specified timeline. By choosing this model and working with us, you will gain the flexibility to alter business requirements and follow an agile project methodology. We supplement your project decisions with weekly reports and meetings wherein the status of the project is outlined and further development strategies are determined.

Time and Material for Fixed Price Model

There are projects that do not fit into the normal fixed price or time and material strategies. For such projects, we adopt a combination of the Time & Material and the Fixed Price model where we follow a T&M model for the requirements analysis phase of the projects and then move over to the FPM for the completion of the project. This is popularly called the 'Time and Material for Fixed Price Model' (T&M 4 FPM). This hybrid pricing model utilizes the desired features of both the models mentioned above. This gives the flexibility to deploy resources as in T&M model during requirements discovery phase while holding true to controlled cost and delivery time as can be expected in a Fixed Price Model.

With this model, you will experience a transparent and verifiable process where you will get to know the exact manpower and resources that have been deployed for the project. Quartiz has reporting formats that provide you a comprehensive record of number of man hours spent on a specific task. We adhere to a strict invoicing policy that allows you to view an accurate report of the work hours or days spent for the project.

If you would like advice on the best pricing model that would suit your requirements, please schedule a session with a consultant.


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