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  Content Management

Quartiz helps you make use of Content Management Systems (CMS) to effectively manage workflow in a collaborative environment. With the integration of content management systems, you will be able to publish, edit and control revisions of content on the web or on the intranet. Some of the advantages of integrating CMS are:

  • Maintenance of role-based access to data
  • Streamlined communication between users
  • Maintenance of functional roles such as publishers, reviewers, writers, etc.
  • Reduced data input redundancy
  • Easy Storage and retrieval of data
  • Easy development of status and performance reports

SharePoint Integration Services

Are you looking for a solution that can offer you ease of access to information and improve collaboration between departments in your company? SharePoint services are the best way to go. SharePoint servers provide the platform and tools for content management, enterprise search, and sharing of information for many enterprises. Quartiz helps you adopt SharePoint services and gain the advantage of supporting intranet and web applications within a common platform instead of separate systems in addition to server administration.

We have a unique Microsoft SharePoint practice. We offer services such as document management, content management and intelligent business solutions. We offer SharePoint integration services to provide organization wide access to documents, spreadsheets, forms, and other types of data gathering and business intelligence.

SharePoint services are built over ASP.NET framework making it easy to customize. It also allows vendors to create products that can accommodate any type of business need.

We help you render SharePoint services to create site and intranet portals for the purpose of sharing business information. Quartiz offers application integration solutions, which coherently work with Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Services. 

Intranet and Web Content Management Systems 

Websites were initially developed using HTML or JavaScript. This made editing of content very cumbersome. In addition, accessing the code on web servers made websites difficult and expensive to maintain. Currently, most companies opt to have their website built on a content management system. The most sought after content management systems are those that are scalable and user-friendly.

Quartiz designs easy-to-use and secure content management systems to store, organize, create, publish, process and power your website, be it a small or medium sized or an intranet or community website. Our consultants have hands-on experience in the latest CMS products such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc. Having completed several implementations of CMS solutions, our consultants possess the experience and skills to integrate content enterprise management software of any scale for your business as well as for your intranet or community websites.

While selecting and implementing a content management system for your business, we not only consider your present needs, but also your future needs that may arise with business growth. Our CMS solutions offer a simple, browser based interface that allows users to publish blogs, polls, images, forums, etc. while allowing administrators to easily customize the design of the CMS installation.

Our CMS solutions give you the advantage of: 

  • Keeping the design of the website separate from the content
  • Making your website search engine friendly
  • Keeping your website well-organized and comprehensive
  • Reducing site maintenance costs
  • Increasing data security
  • Integrating additional features to your website such as user login and passwords, events and calendars, blogs, news feeds, etc.
  • Defining users and groups and restricting access to the site for editing purposes.
  • Better revision control – view and revert to old versions if needed.


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