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  Business Process Management

Quartiz makes use of Business Process Management (BPM) to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of a business through innovation and integration with technology. These results are rather difficult to achieve in a traditional management approach.

Most companies start a BPM project with the objective of improving a division that has been marked as less efficient. In the long run, BPM helps organizations increase their product quality and development (concept-to-launch) time, ultimately leading to customer satisfaction and better market penetration. BPM systems provides a fast, flexible, affordable and business-friendly environment to model and change processes. It mainly involves the following steps: designing, modeling, execution, monitoring, and optimization.

Quartiz first identifies the various differentiators/processes in achieving the vision and goal of the organization. This is followed by the design of the various processes which includes modifying existing processes and designing new ones. After this, the modeling of process designs is performed to determine how the model will behave in various scenarios. The next step involves the automation of the processes by developing an application that executes the required steps of the processes. The last step involves the monitoring and optimization of individual processes by tracking and generating statistical data based on the performance of the processes.

While some companies require only a basic automation of their processes, there are others where some critical IT issues have to be addressed. Some are listed below:

  • Providing a common platform to align the business with the IT division.
  • Merging the existing systems with the new processes and leveraging new service oriented architectures
  • Integrating all the client-facing processes
  • Organizing associated data and increasing the functionality of the existing infrastructure and data

Quartiz has helped speed up the process time cycle with integration and automation, and has effectively closed the gaps in ERP application implementation through its BPM services

Benefits of Business Process Management services

Quartiz offers numerous benefits to its end users through its BPM services. Most benefits are qualitative and some are quantitative which directly affect the management and the end users in an organization. We adhere to a strict policy of measuring every improvement quantitatively to determine the impact on your businesses, thereby enhancing the ability to make quality decisions. Thus, every aspect of our BPM implementation will create ways for increased customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

At Quartiz, we focus on providing value to our clients by understanding their business process issues and offer solutions that reduce productivity blocks inhibitors and implementation time.

Some key benefits of BPM implementation are:

  • Reduced process time between processes through process control measures
  • Overall, the process efficiency is improved and is measurable leading to a streamlined business
  • Standardization of processes leads to uniformity and accuracy of data
  • Optimal resource utilization and improved productivity
  • Increased product and service quality
  • Performance measurement across departments based on common corporate standards


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