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  Business Intelligence

At Quartiz, our business intelligence team gleans information on we have a core business intelligence group that gathers internal information on company performance and areas of improvement. The group also conducts analysis of other companies involved in the same line of business, third party market surveys and also examines the business models of specific competitors.

Quartiz implements Business Intelligence (BI) services to glean information on the general market and competitors through your business applications and systems. This helps simplify information discovery and analysis and helps you easily access, understand, analyze and act upon information generated to prepare you for the unprepared. It also opens up means to cut costs and identify scope for new businesses.

A new generation of BI tools have cropped up in the market that allow business teams to generate reports and analyze data on the onset, rather than wait for the IT department to generate complex reports. This helps the key decision makers to make smart choices based on statistical reports rather than empirical data gut feeling and past experience.

A variety of BI solutions are now available that are tailored to specific needs and are easily affordable to small to medium sized companies. Some of the solutions available are:

  • Generic BI packages solutions within a broader suite that offer solutions for better sales, marketing, financials performance.
  • Custom or function-specific BI solutions focusing on a specific need such as spend management or sales performance.
  • Built-in BI solutions offered by several ERP and CRM companies to reduce the cost and time involved rather than developing a new BI solution.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Services

Most companies make use of Business Intelligence to identify inefficient systems or business processes and effectively plan for the re-engineering of these systems. Employing Business Intelligence helps you:

  • Explore ideas for new business ventures
  • Increase productivity with reduced turnaround time
  • Collect data and generate reports easily
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the market trends to win over the competitors


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