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  Application Value Management/ Maintenance

Are you challenged by the limitations of your system in a fast-growing and fast-paced world? What you need is constant review and modification of your system to meet consumer demands. By engaging in software maintenance, you will be able to modify a software product or project to remove defects, to improve performance, to accommodate new features, and to enhance user friendliness and other attributes.

Benefits of Application Value Management or Maintenance Services

At Quartiz, Application Maintenance Services (AMS) go beyond merely managing and optimizing overgrown applications. We understand the challenges involved in supporting old technology and software; hence our consultative approach takes a complete view of technology, information architecture, people and services. We first understand your business domain, technology requirements and applications. We then organize our team structure to deliver improved application support. We also ensure easier application maintainability.

We focus on continuous improvement on the service levels by tracking the metrics, assessing the trends and suggesting improvements to the application. This enables the continuous upgrade of the application’s performance and also to enable better service to the end users. The following is our system and process of application maintenance and support:

  • Understanding and documenting the existing application landscape
  • Understanding and documenting the application functionality, architecture and code
  • Based on historic data, identifying the important functionality from the maintenance perspective
  • Derive metrics for this key functionality for deeper focus
  • Application maintenance approach document
  • Defect and task management system for logging and tracking defects

We currently provide Custom Application Software Maintenance and support for various proprietary and Open Source framework based systems. We have also been successful in building custom teams to support our clients' unique technologies and needs.

Some of our differentiators are:

  • Focus on delivering cost effective maintenance
  • Continually provide value additions to reduce cost-benefit ratio
  • Minimizing disruptions and reducing application downtime
  • Availability of round-the-clock support services


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