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  Airport Analytics Solutions

Solution Overview

  • Captures and Analyzes data around pain points to improve efficiency
  • Timely, Proactive Management reports and alerts
  • Aircraft Parking Space Productivity Index
  • Revenue and Growth driver analysis
  • Developed by a team that has over 500 man-years of BI experience
  • Complete Business Intelligence Solution for Airports.





Airside productivity analysis

  • Gives Total Insight into Airline Productivity
  • OTP analysis
  • Aircraft Parking Space Productivity Index
  • Boarding Bridge efficiencies, Flight Productivity
  • Runway Productivity
  • SLAs and Ramp Efficiencies.

Terminal productivity analysis

Provides key insights into various efficiencies in areas such as

  • Check- in
  • Cute, Cuss
  • Baggage Handling
  • Passenger movement
  • Security
  • Terminal space Productivity Index
  • SLAs
  • Commercial Analysis such as Retail, DFS (Product and sector wise) ,F&B analysis, other leased space productivity like ATM's, Banks, Forex and Advertising

Growth Drivers periodic review

  • Provides insight into factors responsible for growth of an Area
  • Helps track growth and trends over previous periods
  • Allows management to take the appropriate decisions regarding expansion, Hiring, etc.

Revenue streams analytics

Tracks Aeronautical and Non- Aeronautical revenue as a whole and also tracks revenues by all categories like

  • Airline, Passenger, Concessionaries, Retail, DFS, Car Park, etc.
  • Helps track revenue growth and trends over previous periods
  • Helps management make key data based decisions for future budgeting, allocations
  • Allows one to understand profitability within different hierarchies of the organization

Infrastructure & Maintenance analysis

  • Tracks the performance of Infrastructure from costs and maintenance perspective
  • Helps track growth and trends over previous periods
  • Helps management analyze clearly future requirements in terms of growth and utilization
  • Tracks the performance of help desk calls and maintenance response times including ARFF

Strategic initiatives analysis

  • Allows the Organization to make a comparison with other airports in the same segment by looking at the business performance, growth & trend analysis, and market share analysis
  • Also helps analyze any opportunity gaps existing in the business
  • Allows one to analyze the outcome of specialized activities and strategies

Planning & Forecast review analysis

  • Helps the Airport planning department for slot management by having Real effective data on the utilization of the airport from different areas
  • Helps track growth and trends over previous periods.Helps analyze Airport performance based on summer and winter schedules in co-relation to Aircraft movements, volume trend and passenger movements

Special Management reports

  • AOP Vs Actual Reports from Revenues( Aeronautical, Non Aeronautical) to Airline and Passenger Productivity, Cost & Profits Analysis (EBIDTA etc)
  • Score cards based on best practices and benchmarks
  • Management would be able to analyse specific issues for example concerning Revenues drill downs to the lowest possible grains, thus identifying the under lying causes from Airlines to Commerciaial areas

Our unique dashboard layout and data navigation mechanism enables users to quickly spot a non-performing areas of business or opportunities for growth:

  • Ready-to-use reports covering all core business areas
  • Modules include Commercial, Operations, Revenue and Financial
  • Easy to create and customize reports for immediate decision support
  • Flexible distribution of analysis by browser, e-mail, PDF documents and mobile devices
  • Individualized plug and play analyzer for power users


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