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  Recover About 1% Your Company Payments to Vendors

Not just an audit or recommendation list, but we perform all tasks for your organization to recoup somewhere between 0.2% to 1.2% of your total payments to vendors. Our clients pay us from recovered money.


Recover about one percent AP Payments:

  • Breakthrough Algorithms for Duplicate Payment Checks
  • Amount Digit Array Offset Matches to Catch Decimal Errors
  • Algorithms for 'Sounds Like' Matches
  • BigData Analytics on Line Matches
  • Vendor File Cross-check with Employee File
  • FuzzyMatch on PDF Invoice Lines
  • Ensure RTV Credits
  • Recover Overpayments due to Errors
  • Abnormal Vendor Volume (at Invoice Line and by Period) Analysis
  • Vendor Report with Recovery Letters

Quartiz’s SCM and Financial Expertise:

Financials and Supply Chain (FSCM)– Our consultants bring vast amount of domain and technical knowledge to enterprise financial applications domain. Our consultants' extensive knowledge of table structure enables them to extract data required for analysis without needing to work with client's IT resources. Unlike most other firms, we just need access to data to begin the payment analysis project without technical assistance from internal client resources.

Team will bring to the project:

  • Exceptional Knowledge of Table Structure to Extract Data
  • Extract Data without Help from Internal IT resources
  • Industry Experts with Exceptional Analytical Skills to Unmask Duplicates and Errors
  • Help Prepare Strategy/ Timely Response to Vendors for Recouping Payments
  • Experts in Bank Reconciliation
  • Ability to Discern Outlier Amounts - both at Individual Invoice & Line Levels and Totals by Period
  • Recommend Improved Processes and Checks for future, as a Result of the Findings

If you're ready to review and fix payment/cash leakage that is resulting in higher costs, we will start with no-obligation project. With this project, you will not only save money by recovering from past payments but also improve processes and checks for the AP business area in the future. Win-win!


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